There are many causes of hair loss in human, such as excessive stress, environmental pollution, excessive hair dyeing, etc., which ultimately leads to root disorders such as nutritional deficiencies and metabolic disorders. A large number of hair follicle cells become necrotic and the hairs roots deteriorate. When enough roots die off and whole patches of hair fall out, this leads into a condition called Alopecia.

“HairRich” is a special product that cures hair loss. It contains compound vitamins, that provide necessary nutrition for hair growth. Absolutely no harsh chemicals included.

This product will help your scalp to bring back all the hair you lost. It can stimulate all melanocytes in the scalp, causing the new hair to grow back in its natural color. Permanently restore your hair to health condition.

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Ms Liu

I have been suffer from hair loss for many years.

My hair is pitiably little. I purchase a three month treatment of “HairRich” from Mr. Zhang. To my surprise, I can see that the new hair start growing out and I have less silver hair right now. Many of my silver hair turned black and thicker. I bought two more sets of “HairRich” and sent to my sister in China with joy, hoping her will have the chance to benefit from this great invention.

While I was taking this dietary supplement, I went to Mr. Zhang’s store and exam my hair on regular bases. I can see dramatic change of the hair follicle on my scalp, which made me full of confidence. Previously, my hair follicles are pathological,oils filled up around the pores. They are now very clean. I am very satisfied with the result. Although I am almost 60 years old, I trusted this product, and hopefully, I will never need to use hair dye any more.

HairRich Make Me Feeling Younger

My name is PEGY, I born in Taiwan, studied and work in the United States. I had a lot of pressure from work when I was young. Because of that I had many silver hair, and I dyed my  hair in salon. As a result, I have more and more silver hair.

Over the 20 years, I dyed my hair more and more frequently. I feel not comfortable going out without hair dye. I have to coloring my hair every two weeks. I have been bothered some such. Also, as a side effect, I suffer from severely hair loss and become Alopecia areata.  I feel all of a sudden aging.

I heard the advertisement about “HairRich” in AM1300 radio station, and would like to give it a try. I went to the local store of “HairRich” in Los Angeles on Feb 2019, and did a hair examination.

When I saw that my hair was heavily polluted by heavy metals under a 1000x electron microscope, I was really shocked and decided not to dye my hair anymore. Everyone knows that those metals such as lead, arsenic and mercury in hair dyes are prone to cause cancer.

I start to use “HairRich” and took one teaspoon with hot water twice a day, in the morning and evening. I do my hair examination every month as well. In the second month, my contaminated dark scalp begun to restore original health tone.

In the third month,the black plaque on the top of the head has disappeared, and the hair follicles inside the scalp can be clearly seen. The situation of hair loss has stopped.

On June 15, my forth month using HairRich, I discover that the original bare head grew new lush hair, they are black hair!. I am so exciting, feeling that I am back to my young state. My life now is full of confidence.

HairRich is now my favorite product, and I will recommend it to my friends.

Hair Examination Picture Under 1000x Electron Microscope

See the actual change under 1000x electron microscope. Scalp turned healthier and cleaner.

How To Use HairRich

Mixed with warm water or other liquid food;

Drink it twice a day before the meal;

One serving: 18g / 1 teaspon.

How To Use Hairrich

Hairrich Testimonials

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My name is Yan. I work in the US Navy. Because I often sail in the ocean, I have a serious hair loss problem. I didn’t pay as much of an attention at first, but then I’m experienced more and more hair loss. Every time I shampoo my hair, I lose a lot. Every time I take a shower, I find anywhere from 60-70 fallen hairs. It’s getting to the point where I’m scared to wash my hair! I was afraid that my hair would be lost forever, especially since I was out in the ocean. After my mother recommended the product to me, I have purchase of a course of treatment (12 cans) of Hairrich. I tried it out about 2 weeks and I found that my hair loss eased up. After taking a course of treatment, my hair situation is much more stable. My hair becomes very smooth, black and bright.


My name is Lisa and I work in a massage parlor. Since my work is very strenuous and I come home very tired every day, I noticed that my hair starts to fall off, especially when I comb my hair. I tried a bunch of treatments, which ended in failure. A friend in California has recommended me to try out Hairrich. I was hesitant to try at first and did not take action right away. I have been trying out too many different products to stop my hair loss and failed repeatedly.

I was worrying about the side effects. Later on I learned that Hairrich is using 100% natural ingredients, so I bought a course of Hairrich. I kept using it for about a month; the miracle has happened to me, my hair has stopped falling! After 90 days, no matter how often I combed my hair, my hair no longer fell off; and the split ends disappeared. I am very grateful to the friend who has recommended hairrich me to me!


My name is Jane and I work in a Chinese medical clinic. When I was in China, I had no hair loss problem. Since I came to the United States three years ago, I started to have hair loss. I started to lose just a little hair at the start. Every time I shampoo my hair, about 50 hairs end up in the drain. I asked my family doctor about my symptoms. He told me that may be the water quality is creating this problem! I found a spray for treating hair loss at Costco. After trying it out for a while, I found that the result was barely noticeable. I tried it so many times, but it didn’t work at all. The longer I stay in the United States, the more serious my hair loss.

Later on a Chinese herbal medicine friend has recommended Hairrich to me. I have purchased a course of treatment and in less than three months things have changed. My hair loss problem was completely solved, and my hair became darker and soft. I often share my story of treating hair loss with my friends through social media, hoping that they will also be benefited by Hairrich as soon as possible!


My name is Tiffany and I live in Los Angeles. I have lived in the United States for over 20 years, working as a real estate agent. Now my husband has been retired for some time and my son is in college, life is simple but fulfilling and full of happiness.

I don’t know if it’s because of work stress, but my hair had begun falling out since a year ago. Every time I shower, large amounts of hair end up going into the drain. My husband is also anxious about my situation, so he began to checking with friends to find out if there is any cure for my hair loss.  There were a variety of products and solutions for me to try but none of them worked!

I said to myself that if my hairs kept falling out like this, it wouldn’t be long before I turn bald! Watching the hair on my head thinning by the day is annoying and caused me even more stress…

One day, my husband came home with a bag and whispered to me, “This can of medicine will cure your hair loss problem.”  I said, “Who are you kidding?”  He insisted that it will work and asked me to trust him.  “This medicine has a history of more than 100 years, and it is absolutely effective for hair loss!”

Under such circumstances, I felt as if I had nothing to lose. Since that day I began to take “Hairrich” twice a day.  After I Just finished one can within one week, I found out that there were only a few fallen hairs after shampooing!

Since then, I have been taking “Hairrich” one can after another for a month, I found out that my hair has grown back beyond my wildest dreams, and my hair is becoming denser on a daily basis. The hair is also more elastic!

The above statement is my personal experience with using “Hairrich”.


My name is Amy, 65 years old, living in the beachside of Santa Monica. I am in real estate business. My hair started to turn grey very early, so I dyed my hair twice a month. Since I have been dyeing my hair too often, the harsh chemicals of the hair dye damaged my scalp very seriously. I tried to see a family doctor but there was no good solution! In May of this year, a friend of mine has recommended me to purchase a course of Hairrich products. Due to the fact that I have been dyeing too much, I have spent about 2 months of treatment to see significant progress. Now I have bought another course of treatment to consolidate my treatment and strengthen my hair.


 My name is Jennifer. I work as a producer in Hollywood. My work is very stressful. Every time when I signed up a movie, my hair starts to fall off. My hair is very long. I used to wash my hair every day. I was worrying that I would drop too much hair. I tried to wash my hair every 2 to 3 days, but my hair still fell. The hair problem has made me nervous. I am afraid that one day I will become bald! How can I walk in the red carpet in Hollywood when I am bald? My dad helped me finding a treatment plan. Dad recommended me to try out Hairrich. I used a course of treatment and took it every day. The miracle happened to me and my hair has stopped from falling. I will recommend Hairrich that specialize in hair loss for women to all my acting friends who have troubled hair loss.

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