100% Nautral

“HairRich” is a special product that cures hair loss. It contains compound vitamins, that provide necessary nutrition for hair growth. Absolutely no harsh chemicals included.

Mix With Any Beverage

Only have water? Only have juice? Our solution can be mixed in with all the above, no need to worry.

Treatment Time

42 days to stop hair loss. 90 days to grow healthy, full head of hair.

Simple Application

Not a capsule, shampoo, liquid solution, or ointment. A simple powder that you can drink on the go, no need to make things complicated. 

There are many causes of hair loss in human, such as excessive stress, environmental pollution, excessive hair dyeing, etc., which ultimately leads to root disorders such as nutritional deficiencies and metabolic disorders. A large number of hair follicle cells become necrotic and the hairs roots deteriorate. When enough roots die off and whole patches of hair fall out, this leads into a condition called Alopecia.

This product will help your scalp to bring back all the hair you lost. It can stimulate all melanocytes in the scalp, causing the new hair to grow back in its natural color. Permanently restore your hair to health condition.

Cordyceps Sinensis

Polygonum Multiflorum

Fruit of Wolfberry