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Stop hair loss/ Darken hair 100% Natural

Too many women in the world are suffering from hair loss, especially post-partum hair loss, which causes serious cosmetic and psychological trauma to women. In order to solve hair loss, they are constantly trying various methods, but it is very difficult to find effective and safe products on the market.

“HairRich” is a special product which cures female hair loss. It contains all naturally grown herbal ingredients such as: Cordyceps Sinensis, Polygonum Multiflorum, Fruit of wolfberry, etc., and absolutely no harsh chemicals!

The result of this product is also effective within a month, and takes 90 days to stop hair loss!

“HairRich” is exclusively produced by the Hairrich Inc and manufactured in the United States by GMP Pharmaceuticals. It meets FDA production standards.

1. The principle of treatment

There are many causes of hair loss in women, such as excessive stress, environmental pollution, excessive hair dyeing, etc., which ultimately leads to root disorders such as nutritional deficiencies and metabolic disorders. A large number of hair follicle cells become necrotic and the hairs roots deteriorate. When enough roots die off and whole patches of hair fall out, this leads into a condition called Alopecia.

The effects of “HairRich”:

The first stage: Stopping the loss

This herbal product provides nourishment to the hair follicles, rebooting the metabolism of necrotic hair follicles, so that hair loss can be halted and reversed.


The second stage: Hair growth

The product stimulates hair follicle cell regeneration, accelerates hair follicle metabolism, and allows the scalp to grow new hair.


The third stage: Darken Hair

The activation of hair follicle cells has an additional effect of stimulating the melanocytes in the scalp, causing the new hair to grow back in its natural color.

2. Packaging specifications:

Each can contains of 252g, treatment uses one can a week, 1 box a month. 3 boxes for three months recommended for most effective treatment.


3. Usage direction:

Mixed with warm water or juice,drink it twice a day before the meal.

One serving: 18g(one spoonful ).