HAIRRICH - 1 Month Treatment (1Box / 4Cans)Try Out 美国生发灵

“HairRich” is a special product that cures hair loss. It contains compound vitamins, that provide necessary nutrition for hair growth. Absolutely no harsh chemicals included.
This product will help your scalp to bring back all the hair you lost. It can stimulate all melanocytes in the scalp, causing the new hair to grow back in its natural color.

The result of this product is also effective within a month, and takes 1 treatment cycle (3 month) to stop hair loss! 3 Treatment cycle will permanent restored your hair to the health condition. 

  • We recommend you to use one can per week, 1 box (4 cans) per month. You will be able to see the result after you complete 3 boxes.
  • Usage direction: Mix with warm water or juice, drink twice a day before meals.
  • 1 box includes 4 containers, 1 month usage. 3 boxes includes 12 containers, one treatment cycle usage (3 months).

(Suggestion for first time buyer: if you suffer severe hair loss, you need plan for 3 full treatment cycle. We recommend you to order the first treatment cycle (3 months). If you feel good after using it, renew the next treatments.) We guaranteed the effectiveness of this product. If you have completed the entire 3 treatment (9month) and did not see any change in your hair condition. We offer full refund. For more details about the refund policy please read